Chioma Iloegbunam

"Stached" Preview: Mupp's Cove (Interior Shot)

Patch Animation Short Film

“Ill Willies in the Imagined World” Assets


The Baker's Cottage & The Peddler's Workshop

The Quims Tree (Robyn POV + Full Render)

“Arid Planet” Full Render

“Mapleton Grove” Preliminary Explorations (V.2)

“Ill Willies in the Imagined World” Assets


"Sweet Village" Full render

“Bridge to Venenumia.”

The Heart Bearer Personal Project

Victorian Character Lineup (Violet, Jack & Madame Slumbottom)

“The Predicament”

Jack & Violet

Robyn’s Journal Entry (No.1)

“James Squeakinsky” Character Expression Sheet

Robyn & Bob (Animated Gif)

“Mapleton Grove” Scene 1: “The Calm Before the Storm”

“Suzy Ferrywinkle” Character Turnaround Sheet

“Hill Village” Comp 3: Warm Sunset

Visual Development

"The Heart Bearer" Personal Project

Character Designs

Unreleased Project (Visual Development)